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Nature, Selflessness, Strength

About the Pot

The colorless cement pot is more ingeniously matched with the succulents, with varieties of natural colors, texture, contrast, and so on. It is the most humble role to support the beautiful succulents. It includes drainage hole allows the succulents to dry out in between watering.

Dimension (CM) : 15cm diameter wide x 6.5cm (does not include height of the plant)

Specialty Soil (Medium)

Having well-draining soil is vital for succulent. The best soil for succulents in pots will hold enough water for them to absorb what they need, but still dry out quickly so the roots will not rot. Constantly sitting in wet soil causes their roots to rot because they get too much water and eventually the cells in the roots and leaves fall apart, causing the plant to die.

Our soils consist of approximately 70% stone and 30% soil which provide good drainage and water retention effect. It significantly reduces the risk of root rot as the specialty soil provides the right balance of water and air. It also contains large amounts of minerals due to one of the major mixes, volcano stone.

Besides that, the soils contain ingredients which could prevent fungus in the pot.



Photos shown are for demonstration of size and style only. The arrangement of succulents received will not bare fully resemblance to the image.

If you would like to make special request or customisation, be it the size or flower preference, please feel free to contact us using the chat box on the right.

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